About US

We don't want to pretend there's a reason for everything.

But this webshop actually has a story behind it!

Our Story

Graphic designer

If you are a graphic designer -or know one-, you may know that working for an agency is very different from having your own. It isn't about drinking latte macchiato's and riding racing bikes all day. It's actually quite tough to be creative ánd please your clients. 

Creative outlet

So! To escape the paradoxal creative routine, we needed a play ground. Yes, just like kids. To play in and have fun, without worrying about being stuck in the millennial generation, a corporate identity or writers block.

two swings with sleeping kids


Random/Rude allows us to express ourselves as undercover designers & comedians. It's about the joy of creating nonsense. Whether you like it or not, we love you anyway, but we'll always love alpaca's even more. Bye now! 


Team Random/Rude

friday =mailday

we only send orders on fridays

Hopefully that will be just in time for your magic moment!
You may think we love to wait for your order and run to the post office. And we do love it when you order something, but we also have other stuff to do. Plus the delivery times are longer due to corona. As long as you're patient, you'll be fine. 

exclusive shit

Orders are shipped throughout the EU only. 💩 So get lucky and buy something in our shop (or cry a little and ask  a European friend to ship your gift). 

Or perhaps it's time to move to an awesome country in the EU? The Netherlands is small but fun. We can also recommend Austria.


it is rude

Or random.

it is random

Or rude.

or both

Aww yeah!

fuck moTIVATIONAL quotes

GIF's are more inspiring. 

favorite emoji

Can't choose between: 👆/👆🏿


 It's not possible to stare at our Insta reels with our plain faces and see us pointing at some bs-quotes, while play backing to a outdated music hit 







🏆 Most original webshop 2020


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