Is there such thing as a stupid question?

Of course there is! Only high-school teachers say there aren't. 

what the faq?

the answer to everything

shipping & returning

This amazing page includes the following topics: 

  • traveling
  • sailing
  • pirates
  • luggage

cookies & privacy

We don't like digital cookies but we fucking need them. Just like you, we like our cookies better with some milk and chocolate chips. But to be honest we actually prefer wine & cheese instead, so this is going to be a shitty link anyway.

general stupid things

Do you remember all the 'necessary' things that you had to do as a child? The stuff you already found bullshit at the time and never needed as an adult? Like learning math and climbing a rope? This page gives you the same feeling.

fAq you

mondays & astronauts

Well, we have  some questions ourselves too. And Google doesn't always have the answer. 

  • What was my first thought ever? 
  • When does the hurting stop?
  • Is it possible to skip Mondays? 
  • Will I be a cat-astronaut in my next life?
  • Are you 'gekke' Henkie?
screaming space cat







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