privacy statement

We don't like being spied on. However we do like a website that works. 

Read more millennial issues below! 

soul collectors

data &soul-deal

You want this website to work properly? AND you want to order some cool shit, right?

We can make that happen when we are allowed to use the following data & parts of you:

  • First & last name
  • Address data
  • Phone number
  • E-mailaddress
  • Payment information
  • IP-address
  • Data about your activity on our website
  • Other data actively provided by you
  • Your soul

The secret owners of Random/Rude are responsible for handling your personal data. If you don't agree with this great deal, then try to negotiate via e-mail. 

where are we without parents?

The answer is: nowhere.

Random/Rude doesn't have the intention of collecting any special or sensitive personal data from website visitors aged 16 or under, unless they have permission from their parents or legal guardians. Since we are not able to check whether a visitor is under 16, we advise parents to be involved in the online activities of their children (and guard their souls) to make sure no data is collected without adult permission. If you say we collected data from a minor without permission, please contact us and we will remove the information.

adult supervision

spinning world

We don't keep the world spinning although we do like to have both sun and moon light. But we do have the support for the data&soul deal. 

  1. Handling your payment. (Ground: Agreement. The data is necessary to achieve the agreement that the person is involved in)
  2. Delivering orders to you. (Ground: Agreement. The data is necessary to achieve the agreement that the person is involved in)
  3. Ability to call or email if necessary to realize our service, for example if we have a question about your order. (Ground: Agreement. The data is necessary to achieve the agreement that the person is involved in)
  4. Giving the option for you to make a personal account. (Ground: Permission. The person involved gave permission to collect and handle their personal data for one or more specific goals)
  5. Sending our newsletter when given permission. (Ground: Permission. The person involved gave permission to collect and handle their personal data for one or more specific goals)
  6. Random/Rude also collects and handles personal data when we are legally obliged to do so, like the data we need for our tax statements. (Ground: Legal obligation. The collecting and handling is necessary to meet a legal obligation for the store and the owner(s).
  7. Our own happiness. (Ground:Permission. The person involved gave permission to collect their souls). 
  8. Commercial interest. (Ground: Permission. The persons involved subscribed to the newsletter) Note: we hate making phone calls so we would never ever contact you by phone for commercial reasons.

even good times end

Random/Rude does not keep your boring personal data longer than strictly necessary to realize the goals for which your data is collected. Because what would be the fun in that? We use the following storage times:

  • Order data: To 7 years after placing the order because of legal obligation from the Dutch Tax agency.
  • Account data: To 3 years after the last use.
  • E-mailaddress for newsletters: To 1 year after removal from newsletter list.
  • Souls: for eternity

sharing is caring

The universe works best with kindness and collaboration. Random/Rude does not sell your personal data to third parties. Your personal data is shared with the following third parties to realize  the following goals:

  • Jimdo, to realize orders and invoices;
  • KNAB, to handle payments;
  • Mollie, to handle payments;
  • PostNL, to send orders;
  • MailChimp, to send newsletters;
  • Google, to analyze general website-data;
  • De Belastingdienst (Dutch tax agency), because of legal obligations.


grow the fuck up

cheese instead of cookies

Random/Rude only uses necessary technical, functional and analytical cookies that do not invade your privacy.

The other cookies, those that make you fat, may be eaten. But we suggest cheese instead (which will also make you fat).

self reflection

If you haven't had therapy yet and looking for something to kill time. This might be interesting for you!

You have the right to see the personal data we have of you and to adjust and/or remove it. And also to withdraw your permission to handle your personal data, to object to the handling of them by Random/Rude and to have the data transferred to you.

I you really want any of this, then send your request to us. 

To make sure the request is made by you, send us a copy of your ID. (Please black out your photo, MRZ, passport number and citizen service number to guarantee your privacy). 

If you feel like complaining, then start therapy or make a complaint to the Dutch national caretaker, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. 

you're safe

Don't worry! We are here to take care of you(r data)! Random/Rude takes measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted public insight and illegal changes. If you suspect that your data is not secured correctly please contact us.

Data you fill out while using our site, are saved on the servers of our handler Jimdo. Jimdo makes sure the security level is high enough for all types of data and takes suitable measures to protect your personal data from loss or any form of illegal actions. What a life-saver!







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