This is not an ordinary webshop! Find out why if you can be bothered.

Good to know: we don't do daily delivery & free shipping all around the universe.

But we do offer you awesome-sauce marinaded products! 

How random?!

You may think we love to wait for your order and run to the post office. And we do love it when you order something, but we also have other stuff to do. 

we only send orders on fridays!

Hopefully that will be just in time for your magic moment.

How rude?!

Orders are shipped throughout the EU only. So get lucky and buy something in our shop (or cry a little and ask  a European friend to ship your gift).

Or perhaps it's time to move to an awesome country in the EU? The Netherlands is small but fun. We can also recommend Austria.

random gift: print of fish, only available at Random/Rude


We all know where to buy regular stuff.. but where can you find  amazing random shit? Right over here of course! 

original gift: soap from Random/Rude


Every once in a while, we all feel like shit. Not shitty enough for therapy,  just regular shit. For those awkward moments, we found the solution: soaps which harmonize body & mood. For realz! 

sold out gifts

sold out

If you like museums, this is the place for you: useless stuff  we don't have in stock, but it's still super interesting. 







🏆 Most original webshop 2020


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