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 Remember the jolly good times? We certainly do! 
These products filled our hearts with joy and laughter. 

Such a shame that we only have some random stuff and soap left. 

Google Earth Guided Tour

Damn! You missed your chance to join this amazing corona-proof world tour: where you could see the world most fantastic places without the change of getting infected with the corona virus. Say goodbye to:

  • fear of contamination
  • packing stress
  • tired feet
  • guilt about flying
  • pictures that you don't make a photo album of

€ 495,95

  • Sold Out

Dead plant

Some people don't have plants, because they are too fucking lazy to water them. Don't worry plant-killers: this plant is already dead and doesn't need any effort from your side.

€ 15,00

  • Sold Out


One of the Random/Rude team members donated a kidney to an ill family member. Turns out, you need at least one kidney to keep yourself alive. Who could have known? We decided to keep the rest of our kidneys and started investing in charity for kidney diseases instead.

€ 0,00

  • 0,15 kg
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You all know about the plant-based burgers by now. Which is good but we wanted something more exclusive. Something colorful with glitter and sparkles! 

So...we found a delicious unicorn that produces the best burgers ever! We don't want to waste anything so we created a signup list. When we have enough orders, we'll start the production of a very limited amount of burgers just for you! 🌟
Be awesome, be special and place your reservation now by leaving your email. 

vintage tooth brush

Everything old is called 'vintage' nowadays. And yes, it takes quite some time for a tooth brush to get in this condition, but it's doesn't take over 10 years or longer. We overpriced it anyway. Because it includes our DNA.

€ 99,95

  • Sold Out

soaps to wash off real problems

Apparently some of these problems are so common that these soapie soaps sold out.
But... there so many other problems nowadays that we produced some new ones.

Hamster Escape Room

Let your hamster experience an exciting adventure in this hand made ninja house, which comes complete with hidden doors, fake walls and escape tunnels! 'Hammy' has to find his way out on time for the next fight, otherwise he never gets out! 

€ 495,95

  • Sold Out


shocked hamster

video made by the happy owner

 no insecurity about wether a product will be back in stock, so you have to e-mail them and get an out-of-office reply from Sacha, the marketing-intern







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